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Your success is our mission

Do you like Japan; A high level country on the world

Do you want to visit this beauty country? You want to see Sakura blossom season, Kyoto is an ancient city, a legendary Mount Fuji and more..?

Do you want to make business with Japanese people?

You really want to study Japanese language but you scare quality education in some language center?

You are making business with Japanese people; you want to your work development more. You want to get “Kaizen” in your company; you want to improve all your staff language skill?

You have a child and you want to bring them to get the best education system? You choose Japanese education

You are Japanese people, now you are living in Ha Noi, you want to study English, Vietnamese language. You try to understand Vietnamese culture, you love Vietnamese food but you don’t know how to bargain price, how to find special items, how to ask some question how to…???

Are you finding a good center to study Japanese in Ha Noi, Viet Nam?!

You already studied in other center but you are hopeless their skill? You want to change

You want to study by: one by one, or small group. Our teacher is Japanese teacher. 100% have diploma to teach people by Japanese government and so many experience for you.

Our course from Basic to High level. You can choice the way to study by yourself. Our service suitable for all of customer

With Japanese quality system in training. We believe to give you “what you want”


More detail, please contact to us Magin gam Viet Nam Co., Ltd

Add: No2/62, Ngoc Ha, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Tel: (+84 4) 373 49010           Fax: (+84 4) 373 49011

Hotline (^0^)


Vietnamese support: Mr.Nghi (+84) 977 837 289

Foreigner support:     Mr.Masa (+84)1658 195 949

                                 Mr.Ataka (+84) 1287 382 225

E-mail: magingam.co.ltd@gmail.com

Also we are going to find partner in Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang


If you visit to Vietnam what do you should bring excluded your luggage. This is some information, some experience and special that is some knowledge to the country you arrive

Uhm, if you want. Pls call for us

Magin gam Vietnam – 100% free

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